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 reiseberichte andalusien Tips, experiences and empiric reports of holiday-makers and Andalusia travelers andalusia en spanish
 reiseberichte andalusien Tips, experiences and empiric reports of holiday-makers and Andalusia travelers andalusia en spanish

Report on a journey over Sevilla

A journey after Sevilla was for a long time a dream of me, which fulfilled itself finally. Were 7 beautiful and impressive days which I in this city to experience was allowed. The city of Carmen, Figaro and Don Juan was simple upsetting. An unbelievably alive city. A city centre, in which an object of interest at the other one is.

There is the Giralda with the islamic flair. It is the landmark of the city. In principle it was the Minarett of the old mosque of Sevilla. The tower is 97 m highly. In order to have the best overview of the city, I had to climb on the tower. The prospect was breath-robbing. The cathedral of Sevilla is the largest gothical cathedral and the third biggest catholic of the world. It is enormous and has on the inside many artistic treasures. In this cathedral also the remainders are buried by Christoph Kolumbus.

Then I visited a further object of interest, the golden tower “La Torre del Oro”. It was in 12. Century a defense tower, formed in former times the end of the citywall and protected the port against hostile ships. Today the tower accommodates the ship museum of the city it is because of the bank of the Río Guadalquivir. This river is also very stories-rich and I experienced some over it, when I made a navigation on it. Because of the bank of the Río Guadalquivir are also the Maestranza, the arena of the bullfights and it is really beautiful. It is not the oldest arena, but for the Toreros the most important, was reported to me.

On the way to the Plaza de España I came at the splendid hotel Alfonso XIII. and the new university - in former times a factory for tabacco, in which was busy as a cigar female worker the Carmen become by Bizets opera, past. Then it lay before me, for me the most amazing Monument “the Plaza de España”. It extends over entire northwest range Maria Luisa park and consists of a semi-circle with 170 m and 100 m broad, which are many of one elbow gallery and 80 m high corner towers. The semi-circle consists of tile pictures, which represent all provinces of Spain with a famous scene from their history. At night the place is particularly beautiful and has somewhat majestic actually.

Also a further highlight was for me the attendance of Alcázar the former Arab ruler palace is the largest islamic plant on European soil. It lies directly behind the cathedral. By the lion gate (Puerta del León) one arrives into the internal area. The magnificent appearance of the entire plant reminds much of the palaces in the Orient. Splendid areas with round arches, marble columns, arched slab with wonderful stucco ornamentation, artful tiles to the walls, water basin and wonderful park plants.

Naturally also strolls by the quarter center belonged to it. Here I found numerous fashion shops and larger department stores. Particularly in the historical quarter of La Campana I had good purchase possibilities. The business had everywhere a busy driving in the shops, at the roads and places to approx. 21:00 clock opened and particularly in the evening prevailed. It was the matter particularly beautifully at the Plaza de Terceros, an animated place, at which also the oldest Tapa bar Sevillas was. I did not have much seen and nevertheless by far everything, because at every step and turn I am in the city discovered many further churches worth seeing, monasteries and other buildings.

The four days were not sufficient by far to regard everything! To 5. I made a journey for day over the country by the villages. I visited the protected area of Andalusien, the Parque Nacional de Doñana to the Costa de la Luz. The Coto de Doñana is not only a singular landscape, the fauna is just as various. Apart from the hibernation rope that rare kinds of bird in the humid areas live migratory birds. Then I made still another excursion after El Rocio, one of the most famous places of pilgrimage of Spain. Also the church of El Rocío is worth seeing and the atmosphere shifts one somehow after Mexico. The place with its large places and the untarred, dusty roads works a little like an abandoned spirit village in the wild west.

I spent the last day of holiday at the sea to the Costa de la Luz at the beach of la torre de la higuera in wonderful bath weather. To the conclusion of my journey I can only say, Sevilla am a beautiful city, exactly like I her me presented, which has to offer much and really recommended is. Not only for Spain friends. I think, I again once after Sevilla will travel, in order to then visit the remaining objects of interest, for those, this times unfortunately no time remained.

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