Motorbike Trips
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 bike tours in Andalusien andalusia and costa de la luz con la moto por andalucia

 bike tours in Andalusien andalusia and costa de la luz con la moto por andalucia

Tour: Aznalcollar - Villalba Del Alcor - Paderna del Campo - La Palma Del Condado - Rio Tinto - Jabugo - Aracena - Teil II

tinto3tinto2Rio Tinto

The panorama over the valley of Rio Tinto, the red river - It`s hard to believe, the wather have a colour like black tea, the color is really red-brown - so many minerals are rinsed from the ore deposits. Further it goes by curves without end up in the mountains to the world-famous black pigs.
In this countryside grows a lot of cork oaks, theire acorn are the main food of the black pigs.

Jabugo Hauptstr
In the middle of this green Idyll lies the small town of Jabugo - become world-renowned by the unique ham of the black pigs
The ham (Jamon) are dried in the forest air and hang 24 to 36 months long in the dry halls (bild right side of the street). This ham is liked in completely Andalusia as a Tappa or as a Mondadito with olive oil on the bread roll. However, the prices are violent - they reach from 18¬/kilo of the frontfoot (Paleta), up to 55¬/kilo of the backfoot (Bellota). This Jamon Iberico is simply so tasty...
After 5 km of curves with blow holes and sand in the curves I have come on the N433 the road from Seville to Serpa (Portugal). Actually, I wanted to go even further in the direction of Badajos up to the northern border of Andalusia

Aussicht Nord Aracena
The roads around Aracena - these distances are favored by bikers - so many bikes I have not met in Andalusia in last half year.
Aracena Stimmung
Now I follow the A479 in direction of the south to the Mines of Riotinto near to Nerva.
the pit is partially filled with water - this red water gave his name to this river. The people live here between big pits and overburden mountains - nevertheless, everything has his charm -
a scenery for itself.
Pferd Grube

Strasse Berge Jabugo
The further we come to the northwest of Andalusia to the direction Badajos and near the border of Portugal the vegetation change mostly. From 500mNN upward about 700mNN every metre further there is more and more different vegetation - not only, however, olives and pines - everything of sweet chestnuts through cork oaks to even poplars and birches - trees we know well from Germany, but in Spain they are very seldom to be found. Humid climate - there grows everything.
however, it has been getting late a lttle bit in the meantime. A short stop for a "Tass Kaff" - one cafe - in Galaroza (on top). Aaaah tasty! Then it goes further to the direction of Seville on the N433 to Aracena, an old town with a nice fortress up on the hill.
Aracena Abend
Castillo de Aracen
Wonderful afterglow accompanies me through the hill scenery from the oasis in the direction of stone desert. After 2 reservoirs I reached the mines of Riotinto.
Grubenbagger Minas Riotinto

With these pictures of the evening mood I would like to say goodbye and am glad already today about my next motorcycle tour straight through Andalusia



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Tour 1: Aznalcollar - Villalba Del Alcor - Jabugo - Aracena
Tour 2: Bollulos - Pilas - El Rocio - Nationalpark Donana

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