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 Mit dem Motorrad durch Andalusien andalusia and costa de la luz con la moto por andalucia

 Mit dem Motorrad durch Andalusien andalusia and costa de la luz con la moto por andalucia
Tour 1: Aznalcollar - Villalba Del Alcor - Jabugo - Aracena
Tour 2: Bollulos - Pilas - El Rocio - Nationalpark Donana
Tour: Aznalcollar - Villalba Del Alcor - Paderna del Campo - La Palma Del Condado - Rio Tinto - Jabugo - Aracena
October, 2008 - Yesterday I have taken sometimes the time to rove through a round by the western part of Andalusia by the motorcycle. I am begun about midday in Aznalcollar approx. 15 km NO by Seville. My first stop was in Aldea de Tejada where I to mine argue an old ruin discovered.
Ruine Aldea de Tejada
The end fertile landscape - is 5 km farther only stones and lower humble growth resistant to dryness
In the country of Andalusia they are many horses, bulls, dogs, goats and black pigs and it comes often to an animal meetings.

  typically andalusian
Paterna Kirche
Paterna Fuente
After the local exit of Villalba Del Alcor my look at the chapel falls to the lefts
So it goes allways further slowly winding uphill and the views of one day with sun, curves and good views becomes true. To Valverde Del Camino I reach the N435 where I drive to the north in the direction of Badajoz..
Aussicht Berge Rio Tinto
On my right site it open the view of the
Mines near Nerva at the Rio Tinto
Aussicht 2
Bigger view of the map

Afterwards I went in a dead end - in Tujena all streets were to ends - only sandy runways - however, there I was invited to cafe and cake of 3 families with children - only because I was thursted and asked for a cafe - completely loves the humans of Andalusia - lot of thanks!

so back to Paterna del Campo where I hav a short view back above the valley - from where Sanlucar la major and Albaida del Aljarafe were well recognizable - simply delightfully! In the middle one can also recognise the solar arrangements with 33MW.
Aussicht Paterna
Paterna is a typical small village - with all what urgently is needful you get at the kiosk
Paterna Kiosk
In La Palma Del Condado I leave the A472 to the right on the A493 in the direction of Valverde Del Camino. after 3 km an "Aaaah" - it goes uphill - everything changes, because I left the valley (the grainbasket of Spain) with her fields and gardens. After the first curves of 150 metres uphill i hav a very nice overview over pines without end.
Almost at the most houses in Andalusia are a picture of a saint. Mostly unobtrusively in the gatepost trained. Here is illustrated, e.g., the holy Virgen del Rocio..
Fliese Virgen del Rocio
designed by
dr-mason Okt 2008

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