Motorcycle tours straight
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 Motorrad Touren durch Andalusien andalusia and costa de la luz viajes costa del sol

 Motorrad Touren durch Andalusien andalusia and costa de la luz viajes costa del sol
Tour: Bollulos - Aznalcazar - Pilas - Villamanrique de la Condesa
- El Rocio - Matalascanas - Nationalpark Donana - Almonte


Again I was on the way in Andalusia ... this time on the road to the National Park Donana - this lies between the eastern shore of the mouth of the Guadalquivir and the Atlantic. The Guadalquivir summarises all water from the mountains around Cordoba and the mountains to the north of Seville. To Seville this is practicable for ocean-going ships and has been earlier one of the importantest harbours to Africa and late America. The gold was brought about the Guadalquivir to Seville - see golden tower. First possibily to crossed the river is with the ferry in Coria del Rio and 10 km to the north on the highway bridge one of the new landmarks by Seville.
So back to the road - from Bollulos it goes about Aznalcazar to Pilas - there bends I turned on the left to Villamanrique de la Condesa. This village has still kept his old handle of the town - few new building areas - no local avoidance - no big supermarket - still

After Villamanrique de la Condesa I come by a 10-km-long runway always straight ahead by a gigantic wood of pines - really hard to brake because all the humps approx. all 1000 m come(max. speed 40 km/h) . Here is to be noted quite clearly changes of the ground - nearly even sand..
On the main street of Almonte I further go in the direction of the south to El Rocio (means the rock). There I get a big surprice - the end of the tarred street - only sand...

Hauptstrasse El Rocio
but really nice - you should take a look at this
cause it will com more and more nicer!
At the local end the following sight presents itself to me:
Kirche El Rocio
Since that happened thousands of pilgrims travel to this place every year to Pentecost from the surrounding places like Villamanrique, Almonte, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Seville, etc. to honour of the Virgen del Rocío, also called „la Blanca Paloma“. .
To honour this "romeria" of the "virgin from the marsh" is on of the biggest pilgrimage
in the south of spain.

In the opposite of the chapel and the well open to
itself a wonderful look at the Arroyo de la Rocina. With his arms of a river and backwaters is it a real bird and horse paradise. Behind the river begins the national park Donana - however, once more worthy to take a look back!
Größere Kartenansicht
really in andalusian way! In the local core I turn on the street in the direction of El Rocio. In the traffic of a roundabout at the local end, the next confusion surprise me there are no more signs - have to drive after feeling- so i go on the left.
Strasse El Rocio
... ups - however, whats up - not really optimally with a E-Glide - but this I cannot miss - a original western town in the middle of Andalusia - like 100 years ago - does not want to char you - look yourself!
Platz El Rocio
In the chapel stands the Marien's statue of the "Virgen del Rocio" or also called "virgin of the morning rope". Their history decreases until the 13th century. Of king Alfonso X. El Sabio dedicated the chapel to the Virgen María de Rocinas, that was built in the centre of his hunting ground.
Later on, the statue had disappeared and forget until the 15th century, a hunter found the picture of the Virgen María in a tree in the marsh. Afterwards a new Ermita was built.

On a well before the Ermita, is a hand-painted picture placed. A very nice, with a lot of love and manual labour made, shows like in many other wells of the villages of the country, the Andalusian stories in a pictures tell.
Blick auf El Rocio

after El Rocio and the look about the water (otherwise, in Andalusia rather the rarity) presents itself to me an incredibly nice view about a thick-covered dune scenery. Thus I drive 15 km always straight ahead to the south. The further I come to the Atlantic, the more scantier the growth.
- Esteem of speedsters there are 2 streakers !!!
The area on the left is the "Parque National de Donaña", where the entrance only to well-chosen visitors or inspection tours is granted - to the right is the "Laguna Vento" a parc natural - however, for the protection of the animals living here of the tourism - this is also fenced in.
A wonderful way of quiet with a ocean breeze and the sound of the constant rushing waves to the sundown--------simply fantastically!!!

Unfortunately I haven´t seen many of the animals existing here, like the Iberian lynx (Lynx pardinus) and many other rare bird's kinds, but however, I know, that this Iberian lynx
(female Iberian lynx picture of the WWF) Kirche El Rocio
is examined by the WWF for over 40 years in this 53.709-ha-national park - one last of his kind in the wild. Is not to be forgotten, that this area of Donana is the native country of more than 6,000,000 birds and many other kinds - not to forget of 200,000 inhabitants of this Andalusian region. A real natural monument! On the beach it was possibly to me to have a little walk along the dunes by Donana.
With these pictures I say "hasta luego" and I hope you has a lot of fun to acompany me on the....... ............Roads of Andalusia..........



pictured designed by dr-mason Okt 2008
Tour 1: Aznalcollar - Villalba Del Alcor - Jabugo - Aracena
Tour 2: Bollulos - Pilas - El Rocio - Nationalpark Donana

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