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 billiger nach deutschland telefonieren sevilla and andalusia llamar mas barato a alemania, espana y internacionales

 billiger nach deutschland telefonieren sevilla and andalusia llamar mas barato a alemania, espana y internacionales
Our offer of you

No contract connection, no basic charge, no least turnover, no connecting fee, no registration fee

International talks are exactly calculated from the conversation beginning seconds.
Within Spain talks are subtracted after the 1st minute in the second tact.
All conversation prices are valid round-the-clock. Monthly billing with one-to-one conversation proof

with the prefixes in 1053, 1074 and 1050

Now there also is here in Spain supplier from cheap (Call by call) to telephone calls: The caller chooses a certain number before the real telephone number and considerably enjoys cheaper rates than in the Spanish phone society of Telefonica.
The cheaper rates are valid not only for the foreign countries, but also for talks within Spain. In contrast to Germany (there it is mostly enough to preselect simply the cheap number), however, only an application must be made here with a supplier. The company Call by Call SL. offers not only the cheapest rates, because it has her seat on the Canary islands, the value added tax (IVA) of 16% is cancelled on the calculation also.
It is second-exactly subtracted, there is no basic charge, no least consumption, no connecting fee and an account monthly with one-to-one conversation proof.

Fee comparison in cent for 1-minute conversation duration:
Mobile phone Germany
own province
other province
Local calls
Call by Call

An easy registration, you call the request form in the browser, print out and complement theirs daten afterwards send it either directly by fax to Call by Call, the number (0034) 928145531 or send him by post in: Call by Call Canarias S.L., Edificio info Canarias, Calle San Salvador, E-35,109 El Tablero / grain Canaria.

Then within about one week given (Spanish) telephone number is freely switched by you in the application and you have to go only before every telephone number which you would like to call in 1053, in 1074 or 1050 (the numbers offer in the possibly same rates, however, with some exotic countries a prize comparison is worthwhile before the phone call) preselect.
E.G., to Germany, e.g., 10530049 + prefix without 0 + number of the participant.
Then they get monthly a calculation about her carried on conversations, the fees are drawn by bank. With the calculation a topical detailed list also always comes for the fees.

We have gained with it up to now the best experience, the connections are distinguished and the costs are considerably more favorable in comparison to our other telephone bills.

We wish you a lot of fun with call up the cheap rates!

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