Mines & mining museum of Rio Tinto

5000 year-old mine history
unforgettable train journey by a weird scenery, and as well a visit of an ancient mine
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 Minenmuseum Rio Tinto Mines & mining museum of Rio Tinto cuesta maneli en espana

 Minenmuseum Rio Tinto Mines & mining museum of Rio Tinto Muelle de las Carabelas de Colon

Mines & mining museum of Rio Tinto

Visit one of the oldest mines of the world. With his more than 5000 year-old history of the mineral resource dismantling on the Iberian peninsula you discover a unique scenery.


the mineral resources were already diminished here more than 5000 years ago, like golden metals, silver metals and copper metals - mine museum with many different finding pieces from all epochs, inspection of a copied
200-m-long Roman mine with a roman waterwheel for the drainage of the mine served.


A highlight is also the orginale railway carriage "Vagón del Maharajah", the luxuroese carriage was built in 1892 specially for the India trip of the english queen Victoria and was later brought to spain for an occasion of a visit of the mines of the spanish king Alfonso XIII from spain

A visit of the ancient copper- and sulphur mine "Peña de Hierro" with his crater lake, which was already used by the NASA, because of his unique ecological physical system for research purposes, is also an
absolute and unique experience.
The iron circle mine (her name comes from the big iron circle which crowns the mine under the free sky), lies like all the other mines of the surroundings in the geographic region "Faja Pirita Ibérica" and contain minerals older than 300 million years and from volcanic origine. Therefore existence the grounds of the region much metal and sulphur occurence.


An absolute experience is also a train journey of a section of the old mine distance for the evacuation of the won ores to the harbour of Huelva. In the old, orginale and restored carriages you experience very closely a breathtaking and weird scenery, (5000 years of mining leave her tracks in the nature), also the really "dark red" river Rio Tinto is unique by his colour and state. The deep-dark red colour originates from the high copper and iron salary of the rock in this area and the banked sour water salary of the river


Parque Minero de Rio Tinto - Mine museum Rio Tinto

Plaza Ernest Lluch - 21660 Minas de Rio Tinto
959 59 00 25
10:30 - 19:30 (all the year)
Museum & Mine (train journey extra) Kids & Sen. 9.-€ (9.-€) / Adu. 10.-€ (10.-€)

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