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Lage von Isla Magica in Sevilla

 reiseberichte andalusien map isla magica entertainment park of sevilla espanol
 reiseberichte andalusien map isla magica entertainment park of sevilla espanol

Each quantity fun is guaranteed in the Isla Magica. Shows, attractions and roundabouts shift large and small into with knights, juggler and buyers populated the cities 16. Century, into the jungle of the Amazon or in a Piratstown. In the different ranges of topics it applies to experience new adventures is roller coasters, freefalltower or attendance in fortresses, Galeonen and Karavellen, hanging it, in the form of by the water leading or. For the smallest ones there are a particularly sketched clearance with chutes, roundabouts and ferris wheels as well as many further surprises. The business and restaurants of the area offer further pleasant moments for the whole family..

Papellón de Espana - Isla de Cartuja, Sevilla.
902 16 17 16 
11:00 - 19:00/21:00/22:00/02:00 (March November)
 child (5-12) / adu.: 15,5 / 22,0 €; Half daily tariffs

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